9 Gifts For Outdoorsy Mom

The hiking gear industry is booming right now. With the popularity of outdoor TV shows and more people living in urban areas, it’s no wonder that there are so many new items on the market to help you enjoy your time outside.

But what about the moms? What do they want for Mother’s Day or their birthday?

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If you have an outdoorsy mom who loves hiking, camping, and the great outdoors, chances are she’ll love these nine gifts for outdoor lovers.

1) Lightweight Camping Hammock

Lightweight Double Camping Hammock is the perfect hammock to carry on your next outdoor adventure. Made from parachute nylon, this portable and travel-friendly camping hammock comes ready with everything you need: adjustable tree straps and ultralight carabiners so you can assemble it in minutes. 

This lightweight double camping hammock provides comfort for two people (200lbs max each) and includes all the gear needed for hanging on nearly any surface. Make camping worry-free by adding our best portable Camping Hammock to your gear list today!


  • A Portable and lightweight hammock for two people (200lbs max each) with all the gear needed to hang on nearly any surface. 
  • Made from parachute nylon, these camping Hammocks come ready-to-go! Includes adjustable tree straps & ultralight carabiners so you can assemble them in minutes
  • Comes complete w/ everything required including a stuff sack that doubles as an easy carrying bag when not assembled into its full-size form. 
  • Provides comfort while sleeping or relaxing during your outdoor adventure by providing shelter against insects and light rain showers 
  • Weighs less than one pound making it perfect if space-saving weight matters most of the time like backpacking trips where every ounce counts!)

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2) Foldable Trekking Poles

Who knew that folding trekking poles could do so much! These sleek, agile collapsible hiking/trekking poles are not just for the trail- these fully adjustable foldable trekking poles have rugged steel construction and an integrated carabiner to ensure stability while you’re playing.

High Stream Gear’s durable 25mm flex tip won’t wear down over time and can withstand jagged terrain. They also come with removable tips which offer versatility in walking surfaces. In addition to all these awesome features, they include Long Handles & Short Handle Extensions Set which is conveniently interchangeable so it’s perfect for any size person.

The best part about these trekking poles is that they are so lightweight and compact, you can easily bring them with you on a trip or store them in your car for emergencies! You never know when the need to hike will come up- it’s always better safe than sorry!. I love how easy this product makes hiking because of its versatility & durability; plus there isn’t any excuse not to go out adventuring if all my gear fits into one bag (which also includes an emergency whistle!)

This gift would be perfect since moms like going outdoorsy as well but might have trouble carrying their own weight while doing strenuous activities such as long hikes which could lead to her getting injured from overuse injuries due to lack of proper equipment/gear).

  • Lightweight and easy to use! Expandable length from 24” – 55″, collapse down to 21” for easy transport.
  • Quick-release locks for quick assembly and disassembly – plus a locking mechanism that lets you lock the poles together when folded up so they don’t accidentally open.
  • Ultra-convenient carrying strap included which conveniently stores in an exterior pocket when not in use, so you can grab it on your way out the door with minimal fuss (the outside is also made of HiGrip material, meaning it’s easy to carry and won’t slip out of your hands).
  • The aluminum construction is lightweight, durable (won’t rust), easy-to-clean. 

This collapsible walking stick will make getting around the trail a breeze!

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3) Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is the backpacker’s dream. Weighing in at 2 ounces when folded down, this portable collapsible water bottle has no leaks and can hold up to 22oz.

Nomader’s Collapsible Water Bottle is a lightweight, durable device that is small enough to fit in your pocket – but large enough that it will still carry 22 ounces (710 ml) of water. The bottle can hold up to just about anything you throw at it- from all your snacks and lunch items for the day to an electric charging cable or your car key; This makes the collapsible water bottle perfect for sports enthusiasts who need their hands free.

A perfect accessory for anyone who travels or spends time outdoors, the Nomader won’t leak like a plastic water bottle and when empty it fits into your bag so you don’t even notice it’s there! It also doubles as an insulator keeping hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold, all while being easy-to-clean and dishwasher safe.

The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is the backpacker’s dream.

Weighing in at less than two ounces when folded down, this portable collapsable water bottle has no leaks and can hold up to 22oz of liquid without taking any space or weight away from your pack! It also doubles as an insulator keeping hot drinks warm for hours on end while being easy-to-clean with a dishwasher-safe design that won’t leak like other plastic bottles do after only one use (yikes!). 

The best part? You don’t have to worry about it breaking if you drop because its durable construction will protect against cracks – making sure all those precious memories are preserved safely inside until the next time they’re needed!! This makes them a perfect item for hiking.

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4) Sling Bag Backpack

SEEU Ultralight Shoulder Bag Chest Bag Women Men Kids 20L (For Camping, Hiking and Climbing).

The SEEU backpack is a convenient travel companion that you can bring with you anywhere. It doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase or carry-on bag because of its compact size when it’s not in use. The fabric has a layer of PU Leather to make the material water-resistant and scratch-proof which will keep your belongings safe – whether they are gadgets, books, shoes or clothes. When zipped closed, this versatile pack has an ergonomic

This is a great gift for those who are always on the go and need to have their hands free. This bag can be worn as either backpack or sling style, depending on what’s more comfortable at that time!

It has two zip pockets in front with space inside large enough to fit your phone (or other small items), plus it also includes an RFID-blocking pocket which will keep you safe from identity theft while traveling – perfect if mom loves exploring new places!! 

The best part? There are no worries about this one breaking because of its durable construction so all precious memories stay safely stored until the next use too. Plus there aren’t any zippers where dirt could get stuck like some slings bags might do over long periods of time.

This bag is the perfect size for mom to carry around all her essentials, like a water bottle and snacks while she’s out exploring new trails or visiting family on vacation! Plus it comes in four different colors so you can find one that matches your style perfectly too: black with red trimming (shown), blue-gray stripe patterned fabric accents; navy floral print design – this also has an RFID blocking pocket as well!!!

And finally, there are two more styles available that have been designed by other brands but they’re still just really cute options if none of these suit what Mom needs most from their sling backpack purse!!

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5) Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket

The SC-CM-01 is a super convenient and practical portable cotton and mesh blanket for outdoor picnics, camping, BBQs, or general events.

Made with woven canvas polyester fabric on the top to make it water-resistant and sturdy while the bottom layer is made of woven polyester that makes laying comfortable on grassy terrain as well as sandy beaches without shifting.

This large-size picnic blanket fitting up to three people can be neatly folded away in its own carrying bag which doubles as a handy mat so there`s no need for extras when setting up before your event.

Insulated and water-resistant on the outside, with a cozy fleece blanket just below. This large picnic and outdoor blanket comes in blue and white stripes with two layers for added warmth, is perfect for picnics in the park or at the beach! Bear-proof tested! Ideal as an extra layer of warmth on the grass during campouts. Dimensions: 60×60.

The picnic blanket is perfect for a day at the beach, or just relaxing on your living room floor. The lightweight and portable design features an insulated outer layer that’s water-resistant to keep you warm in any weather condition while also being easy-to-clean with soap & hot soapy tap water!

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6) Gute Hummingbird House

You may be humming a tune all the while using this house made in America by Gute. The folks at Gute have decades of experience crafting these to look like wood shingles and terra cotta pots so your outdoor decor will look as natural as possible. The bright red color is hard for hummingbirds to miss!

This model has a bath-dish design that holds water for cooling it down, but you can also fill it up with sugar water or flowers if you don’t want to use food coloring. Ultra-lightweight, gorgeously designed, and easy on your budget – what’s not

These houses are custom-built, inexpensive hummingbird houses for outside. They’re perfect for providing the insects with much-needed homes in your garden or yard. No drilling required! Made of natural palm leaves threaded together to create a self-supporting structure that can withstand exposure to sunlight and rain, without becoming waterlogged.

Gute Hummingbird Houses require no installation so they provide an easy solution for both inside and outside benefits. Each kit includes 2 hives/houses w/easy assembly instructions–perfect as gifts or adding character to your outdoor space!

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7) LED Flame Speaker

This wireless speaker comes with a bright, 12 Watt flame light lamp that creates, what we refer to as the “Inlucking Flame Atmosphere”.

It differs from other conventional LED lamps because it is designed specifically for you to enjoy music in style. This turns regular space into an intimate and relaxing space like no other. When turned on, the speaker’s clear bass sound blends perfectly with the flickering of artificial flames which makes your home seem like a sanctuary from daily life.

1. High-quality material design

The surface of the lamp is made of an aluminum frame, with a plastic panel that is surrounded by LED lights, and this Bluetooth speaker combines together to create a beautiful atmosphere! 

2. Fashionable appearance

This type of led flame table lamp can also be a decorative accent that will last for years or can be a conversation starter in your bedroom area, living room, office desk, or any other place you want to use it! It’s perfect as a night light/lamp! You won’t regret getting one for yourself or even as gifts!

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8) Charm Mountain Necklace

Your Always Charm Mountain Necklace is a part of our Mountain Collection. A necklace that will be there for you when the slopes beckon or your toes are itching to be on the trail again – always by your side and always just an arm’s reach away because YOUR ALWAYS CHARMS brings her charms with them wherever they go!

Made in the USA from layers of nickel-brass hand-hammered to create a delicate yet solid appearance. The chain measures 18″ long (but can adjust the length slightly)

Natural gemstones are cut to represent the mountain peaks and valleys of our beautiful Midwest. The natural stones vary in size, color, and shape making them a one-of-a-kind gift like nothing else you will find in any store. Each meaning is listed with its gemstone for lapidary purposes but also because each stone evokes its own behavior as if it were alive!

What makes this piece unique are threaded charms that wear at the necklace in order not to induce worry. The small wanderer charm changes colors as it moves under the light whereas charms such as the love and peace charms are always the same color.

The necklace is made up of a variety of different gemstones such as amethyst, citrine quartz crystal which all hold their own meaning in healing properties or spiritual beliefs The stones vary from small to large with each having its individual significance for those who wear it!

This beautiful piece can be worn on any occasion but would make an excellent gift that will last forever because we have included our lifetime warranty against breakage so you never need to worry about your jewelry again… ever!!!

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9) Hiking T-Shirts

The perfect hiking shirt for those who love the great outdoors. And, it’s a must-have piece of gear for an adventurous woman!

Merging fashion with function, these blouses are versatile and ready to take on any adventure thrown your way! Plus: they’re available in a variety of vibrant colors (like Azalea Pink), trendy letter prints (Linen, Preppy), and women’s sizes (S-2XL). So step outside–you know you don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity!

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Shop a wide array of T’s for the hiking mom

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Outdoorsy Mom’s

If you’re looking for a gift to show your outdoorsy mom how much you love her, we’ve got nine ideas that will make her happy. From hiking gear and camping essentials to the best in outdoor fashion, these gifts are sure to please any woman who loves being outside.

Whether she spends her time running trails or climbing mountains, this list of 9 gifts will have something perfect for every type of outdoor enthusiast.

So whether it’s a day at the beach or an adventure in the forest, these gifts are guaranteed to be loved by any mother who loves being outside.

For more ideas, visit our online shop.

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