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Why Hiking Is Good For Mental Health

Why Hiking Is Good For Mental Health

There are many benefits of hiking. Mental health is often overvalued. In this article we discuss why hiking is good for mental health. Hiking is a great way to enhance your mindfulness and create a life-long positive habit. One study showed that spending time outdoors in nature can actually improve your mind’s and make you […]

Should I Use A Whistle For Hiking?

Emergency kit with whistle for hiking

A hiking whistle is a nice feature to add to your backpacking gear. They are tools you can use for protection against wildlife, and emergencies to get attention. According to about 2000 people get lost while hiking each year. Some estimate it’s much higher than that because many go unreported because they find their way […]

4 Tips for Hiking Alone and 7 Mistakes to Avoid!

Man hiking alone in a dangerous place

We recommend hiking with a partner but hiking alone can be enjoyable but dangerous if you fail to follow a few basic rules. The internet is filled with horror stories of bad things that happened to people who went on a remote hike by themselves. For example: Aron Ralston was hiking (climbing) alone in Utah […]

Hiking vs Walking: Is There A Difference? And Does It Even Matter?

The difference in hiking vs walking

The difference between hiking and walking is mostly one of degree and can be easily seen in terms of the terrain covered and the distance traveled.  Generally speaking, hiking refers to walking that takes place at a leisurely pace on trails or open country while walking refers to walking that takes place at a brisk […]