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Couple hiking on a sectional hike in the mountains

Thru Hiking Vs Section Hiking: What’s The Difference and How To Choose Your Best HikeThru Hiking Vs Section Hiking

Discover the differences between thru hiking and section hiking on long trails like the Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail. Find the best hike for you! Key Takeaways Affiliate Have you ever stood at the trailhead of a long-distance path and wondered whether you’re a thru-hiker or a section hiker at heart? As you contemplate […]

10 rules for hiking book

10 Rules of Hiking: Understanding National Park Safety And Etiquette

10 Rules for hiking: Discover the 10 most important hiking rules for safety and etiquette in national parks. Follow these basic hiking safety tips for a great outdoor experience. Key Takeaways As you stand at the trailhead, the path before you is like a story waiting to unfold, with each step representing a word yet […]