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Backing check list for a 5 day hiking trip

5 Day Hiking Pack List: What To Take and What To Leave Behind

Here is your 5 day hiking pack list. Packing for a five-day trek is like piecing together a complex puzzle; each item must be essential and fit perfectly in your backpack. Key Takeaways You’ve likely heard the stories of those who’ve ventured into the wilderness unprepared, only to find themselves burdened by excess or longing […]

A 2 man hiking tent in the woods at night

2 Man Hiking Tents: Our Top Picks Plus What To Look For Before You Purchase

What to look for before you puchase 2 man hiking tents. Plus our top picks for 2024. Key Takeaways Surprisingly, nearly 40% of all tents sold are specifically designed for two hikers, reflecting a growing trend in pair-based exploration of the great outdoors. You’re likely seeking a balance between durability and weight, comfort versus compactness, […]