Couple hiking on a sectional hike in the mountains

Thru Hiking Vs Section Hiking: What’s The Difference and How To Choose Your Best HikeThru Hiking Vs Section Hiking

Discover the differences between thru hiking and section hiking on long trails like the Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail. Find the best hike for you! Key Takeaways Affiliate Have you ever stood at the trailhead of a long-distance path and wondered whether you’re a thru-hiker or a section hiker at heart? As you contemplate […]

Man injured on a hiking trail

10 Most Common Hiking Injuries and Treatment: A Complete Hikers Guide

Discover the top 10 most common hiking injuries and learn how to treat them with this comprehensive guide. From sprains to hypothermia, be prepared for any hiking injury. Key Takeaways Just as Achilles’ heel was his downfall, a hiker’s inattention to the trail’s whispering hazards can lead to their undoing. You’ve laced up your boots, […]

10 rules for hiking book

10 Rules of Hiking: Understanding National Park Safety And Etiquette

10 Rules for hiking: Discover the 10 most important hiking rules for safety and etiquette in national parks. Follow these basic hiking safety tips for a great outdoor experience. Key Takeaways As you stand at the trailhead, the path before you is like a story waiting to unfold, with each step representing a word yet […]

Backing check list for a 5 day hiking trip

5 Day Hiking Pack List: What To Take and What To Leave Behind

Here is your 5 day hiking pack list. Packing for a five-day trek is like piecing together a complex puzzle; each item must be essential and fit perfectly in your backpack. Key Takeaways You’ve likely heard the stories of those who’ve ventured into the wilderness unprepared, only to find themselves burdened by excess or longing […]

A 2 man hiking tent in the woods at night

2 Man Hiking Tents: Our Top Picks Plus What To Look For Before You Purchase

What to look for before you puchase 2 man hiking tents. Plus our top picks for 2024. Key Takeaways Surprisingly, nearly 40% of all tents sold are specifically designed for two hikers, reflecting a growing trend in pair-based exploration of the great outdoors. You’re likely seeking a balance between durability and weight, comfort versus compactness, […]